Thursday, June 30, 2016

Maggie's World

It is now June 28th (June 30), some three months since the last post. Most of that time I was working on our house and all the related activities involved in selling it. Undisturbed time to write just did not exist. Also it takes time to get a proper perspective on daily observations.

This is my first post from the Provision Living at Columbia MO library, between apartment 223 and 224. I can write here and then edit from our apartment 133 in memory care.

Things went very well when I was leaving each morning to work on the house. This morning I am going to my "new office". Now I am out of the apartment when my wife gets up in the morning. I continue to eat in the dinning hall for breakfast and at noon.

We tried to create an environment in the 3-room, 2-bed, apartment 229 that was like our house: office, living room, and bed room. It soon became evident that this was too much space with too many things for my wife to redistribute each night and for me to pick up, and at the same time, less useable space than a studio apartment that is missing the kitchenette.

Also her awareness of space was shrinking. She confused the locked doors on the two floors: memory care door on floor 1 and the one adjacent to our apartment 229 on floor 2.

She also did not have a convenient place to rest during the day, when going to memory care for the day and returning to assisted living at night after we ate supper together. Day care was not working for her, for the care givers, and for me.

Apartment 133 now has the same three areas in a studio apartment. The keepsake shelf is opposite the bookcase (picture lost and replaced below). 

My wife sits on one of the three office chairs between the shelving and adjacent to the drop leaf table. She can spend hours sorting and rearranging things.

The keepsake shelf one day later.

The apartment is no longer a mess. She keeps the table and the window ledge clear. That behavior has also spread to the top of the keepsake shelf and the bookcase.

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