Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yoga and Muscle Groups

A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting surprise. Most surprises are a sharp jab in a newly detected or old muscle group; after which it works better. This time I saw double to my right side. 

Full Carpet Pattern
For years I have had the impression that a car was sliding over to my right side. If I turned my head, there was no car. Going farther back, I walked through the narrow tobacco smoked office halls in the New Science Building with one finger on my right hand held out to detect the wall before I bumped into it. I doubt if anyone knew how unstable I was.

We were seated in tai chi class working on a yogo eye stretching exercise.

Look straight ahead. Then only move your eyes. Pause 2 seconds after each move.

1. Look up. 2. Look down.

3. Look left. 4. Look right.

5. Look up and right. 6. Look down and left.

Starting Phantom Spot Location 
7. Look up and left. 8. Look down and right. Hold in this position.

A dinner plate portion of the surface is displaced up and to the left.
It slowly slides down into the correct position. Relax.

I write about this as one example of the value of exploring all muscle groups. In this case I have a set of eye muscles that are way out of balance, but never knew that. There are even exercises to correct far and near sightedness as well as stigmatism, if you are willing to stick with them the weeks and months that may be required to rebalance the muscles that control the shape of the eye ball.

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