Friday, March 11, 2016

The Norovirus

9 Mar 2016                                          -9-

Chart 6. Daily Values
The month after establishing my Sleep Number at 40 (with appropriate bed positioning and pillows) was fairly uneventful with the exception of two dates: 15 and 26 of February (Chart 6) when I caught the norovirus. (As did everyone else living here at Provision Living at Columbia (MO).)

Chart 7. Running Three Value Averages
The remaining interplay of Sleep Score (blue) and Sleep IQ (red) can be assigned to stress and other things (Chart 7). In general, the BASIS sleep score (blue) over Sleep IQ (red) still indicates feeling better (less pain). This happened immediately after each bout of the virus.

Chart 8. Heart Rate (orange) and Perspiration (green)
The two bouts of the virus were very different. The first one was violent with an average 24 hour heart beat of 79/min; the second was 58/min. The first recorded two spikes in perspiration at 3:00 am and 8:00 with extended vomiting and some diarrhea (Chart 8). (Sweating increased in the evening, on Chart 8, as my wife generally covers we up with all the covers on the bed when she turns in.)

The second bout of the virus was just feeling cold and chilling, but again I spent the day in bed. On both days in bed my back pain did not increase as expected. 

On the 8 March 2016 (day 36) I overslept from 5:00 am to past 8:00 am. My back pain did not increase but actually decreased. I went on a mile walk, standing up normally for the first time in months. I can now get in and out of the car without having to use my hands to direct my feet. The back of my hands no longer burn.

How pain in so many places can appear and completely disappear in this fashion supports the mind-body connection (stress and pain). It is scary to not be able to stand up straight. It is amazing to feel normal again; or as I have said many times, “I do not have to push twice as hard against the ground to stand up or to walk.”

Mind-Body Medicine (Interesting reading and viewing.)

The center for mind-body medicine

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